AMA – Advanced Maternal Age


At Reproductive Wellness, we know that more and more couples are choosing to wait later before starting a family.  If you are in the San Diego, Poway, or Carlsbad areas and have concerns about AMA or advanced maternal age, our wellness centers provide services focused on holistic fertility, even if you are 35, 40, or older.  Whether you are working with fertility doctors, have suffered a miscarriage in the past, or have unexplained infertility issues, we know that achieving your best possible health physically, emotionally, and spiritually has an impact on your ability to become pregnant.

Acupuncture, integrative medicine, nutrition, and your overall well-being are all things that can have a great positive impact for those with AMA issues.  While there are increased risks with becoming pregnant at a later stage in life women do it every day, successfully carrying healthy babies to term.  If you are a woman or couple concerned about advanced maternal age or other factors that could impact your fertility, we can help.  We invite those in San Diego and surrounding areas to contact Reproductive Wellness Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine today at 858-381-2281.