A compilation of the most asked questions we are made.

How painful is fertility acupuncture?

Most patients are surprised how fertility acupuncture treatments involve minimal to no pain at all. Acupuncture needles are finer than a single hair strand; they are designed to enter the skin with as little resistance as possible. Sensations felt during fertility acupuncture include mild tingling, slight numbness or warmth on the acupuncture site. All acupuncture filaments we use are pre-sterilized and are packed individually to ensure safety.

I can’t make it to my scheduled appointment, what do I do?

We require all patients who are booked for appointments to send an advance notice. The notice must be sent within 24 for cancellations, schedule changes, etc.

Failure to do so will result in charging the patient a $50 fee.

Is there a difference between Botanical Medicine and Chinese Herbal Medicine?

No, Botanical Medicine, Chinese Herbal Medicine, and Herbal Formulas are terms referring to the same product used and prescribed at the Reproductive Wellness clinic. Essentially, herbal medicines are all-natural plant-based medicines that are in line with traditional Chinese formulas.

Can I still qualify for fertility treatments even if I’m undergoing Assisted Reproductive Therapies?

Yes, we have treatment programs that are created specifically to enhance the effects of all forms of Assisted Reproductive Therapies, including in vitro fertilization. Our fertility specialists can work in parallel and collaborate with your own Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE) or your IVF clinic.

Having our team working with your biomedical physicians is encouraged especially for pre and post implantation procedures. However, do note that successful pregnancy is a delicate process that calls for infinite changes that cannot be rushed. We offer a comprehensive Fertility Program available for individuals who are ready to start their journey towards healthy, natural conception.

Can I take IVF drugs and herbal medicine at the same time?

When administered by a trained health physician, the interaction between IVF drugs and herbal medicine is minimized. In some cases, traditional Chinese herbal medicines are used to minimize the unpleasant side effects of IVF drugs. However, it’s best to consult your doctor as well as your herbal practitioners for proper use of herbal medicine and pharmaceuticals drugs together and never self-medicate.

Can I take herbs to boost fertility?

When administered properly by a licensed specialist, Chinese herbal medicine is safe and effective ways to resolve various fertility issues with little to no side effects. Allergic type reactions are rare, and will cause no lasting damage if treatment is stopped as soon as symptoms appear.

Apart from using only the best known sources for botanical and herbal medicines, all our health specialists passed a rigorous examination to receive their license from the state and national acupuncture boards.

Warning: Self prescription of herbal medicines can be harmful when used without appropriate clinical guidance!

I’m receiving infertility treatment, how long before I see the results?

It will take the body at least 12 weeks to respond to infertility treatments. For women, the body needs a minimum of 3 months to normalize hormonal imbalances while maturation and selection of oocytes (eggs) takes about 0 to 90 days. The 3 month minimum period is especially important for women undergoing Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) like IVF.

Studies have shown the benefit of optimizing a woman’s endocrine system at least 90 days prior to any transfer procedures. It is during this time that her follicles are developing and consequently the best time to improve the quality of her follicles verses only focusing on increasing the follicular quantity.

For men, sperm generation will take 90 days as well. During this period, any reproductive abnormalities, including low sperm count, motility, or morphology issue is addressed.

Do note that the above requirements are in the minimum. Other patients will require more time to respond to infertility treatments. For couples looking for either ongoing or complimentary support, we can customize each treatment to suit specific western treatments.

For patients undergoing IVF treatments, we recommended a shorter period of time with increased infertility treatment frequency to accommodate the treatment plan used at their medical doctor’s office. Although many couples feel that their time is running out, which is quite understandable, we will not try to force a result. Our approach is designed to work harmoniously with the mind and the body to create an environment conducive for a healthy, successful pregnancy.

Upon initial consultation and tests, we carefully formulate the best treatments for a specific patient. Each patient responds to treatment differently, which is why our treatments take several weeks before positive effects are seen or felt.

 Are your Fertility Program worth the extra time and money?

At Reproductive Wellness, we guarantee a safe and effective approach to enhancing fertility through all-natural treatments and result-oriented program. Plus, patients will receive all these and more at rates that are significantly less than virtually all biomedical procedures. We will help you achieve your goals in every way we can. In fact, we also accommodate patients who are pursuing biomedically focused therapies and will happily collaborate with other physicians to achieve optimal results.

We believe that our Mind, Body, and Spirit Fertility Program will enhance any other ART treatment results, thus giving you better chances of conceiving. We know only you can be the best judge as to where, with whom and what form of therapy you will spend your money and time on, we believe that any of our Fertility boosting treatments and programs are worthy investments.

We are happy to direct you towards banking facilities that offer simple, affordable monthly payment plan options to all reproductive treatments we offer, in a bid to make our services available for virtually everyone who needs it.

Please contact us if you would like to receive the list of recommended companies.

What are the Credentials of your Acupuncturists?

Marc Sklar is a State licensed Acupuncturist (CA) and are Doctor of Acupuncture (RI). He earned Masters of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine (MSTOM) with comprehensive experience, training, and skills in reproductive Acupuncture. He is a Board Certified Fellow of The American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine (FABORM) proof that he acquired extensive training and expertise to pass the ABORM national board examination. Currently,  Sklar is one of the only two ABORM Certified Practitioners and sitting Board Member in the San Diego area.

Sklar is trained in the most current research to resolve a wide range of fertility issues. We assure all our patients that they are working with the best people to achieve their goals.

Review background information:  Marc Sklar

How do I choose a Reproductive Acupuncture Practitioner?

It’s always important to check an Acupuncturist’s credentials. He or she should be have proper licensing, certification, clinical experience and specialized training in treating infertility through Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, and other complementary infertility treatment.

What type of reproductive health problems do you treat?

Using advanced fertility acupuncture techniques, herbal medicine and other natural therapies and treatments, our clinic address a wide range of reproductive health conditions as well as supporting programs available for men and women. The list of reproductive health conditions we treat are divided into six categories:

  • Female Infertility
  • Fertility Balance & Support
  • Patient Comfort
  • Pre-Labor and Labor
  • Post-Pregnancy
  • Fertility Enhancement for Men

Click here for the complete list of fertility treatments and programs we offer.

What fertility treatments do you offer for men?

Male infertility accounts for 50% of all infertility cases. In most cases, low sperm count, abnormal morphology and low sperm motility are causes of infertility in men. Reproductive Wellness offer dedicated fertility treatments and programs to address reproductive problems in men.

Even if tests show that female factor is causing the delay in conception, we still recommend joint fertility treatment program for couples. This is to ensure that no undiagnosed male factor issues were overlooked, thus saving patients time, money and effort. On the other hand, if tests indicate the infertility to the 20% to 30% “unknown” or idiopathic factors, we recommended a concurrent male and female treatment regimen.

What are the success rates of your clinic?

Our success rates range from 60% to 80% with a variation in pregnancy success rate resulting from medical history, age, and length of treatment. For women suffering from recurrent miscarriage, our pregnancy success rate is approximately 80%.

As of October 1, 2012, a female patient aged 51 years is currently our record holder for the most advanced maternal age at time of conception. We were able to assist her and her partner in conceiving. These numbers are clear proof that our techniques and fertility programs are very effective.

Why should I choose Reproductive Wellness?

We have the best doctors, medical staff and most advanced facilities. Our clinical director and founder, Marc Sklar is a licensed Acupuncturists (CA), Doctors of Acupuncture (RI). He has acquired specialized training and extensive experience in treating a wide variety of reproductive health problems and fertility issues. He holds a Masters of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine (MSTOM), and he is a Board Certified in Reproductive Acupuncture by the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine (ABORM).

Our clinic staff members are meticulous selected for their knowledge, experience and training in their chosen specialty that includes:

  • Nutrition
  • Massage Therapy
  • Yoga
  • Patient Education

Simply put, when it comes to resolving infertility issues, Reproductive Wellness have the best people working for each patient to address individual reproductive health issues. Beyond our doctors’ and clinic staff’s credentials, we offer the best care possible for all patients

What are my payment options?

Reproductive Wellness offer a comprehensive variety of payment plans that suit most budgets. We will bill your insurance provider in order to get the maximum financial benefits provided for your fertility treatments.

We offer the following payment plans:

  • Pre-paid discount plans
  • Interest free financing via Care Credit (get help today, pay later)
  • Office financing

Where can we apply for a loan to finance our fertility treatments?

Major Banks offer flexible personal loans to help finance costly IVF treatments. However, do note that some lending institutions offer high interest loans for the sake of speed and convenience. Just like anything, it’s best to compare rates to get the best offer. Some patients use the equity of their homes to finance fertility treatments, which is another low interest rate financing option worth looking into.

Many fertility centers offer Shared Risk plans where patients pay a higher fee for treatments. If the treatment was not successful, they money they spent could be refunded. A good resource online to help assess your financial options is www.fertilitylifelines.com.

For individuals considering fertility treatments, we recommend that you check treatment options that do not start with expensive and invasive treatments. Choosing complimentary treatments can help bring down the overall costs and be used in conjunction with western treatments to increase chances of pregnancy.

How do I find financing for my fertility treatments?

Many patients are unaware that their insurance policy covers most treatments we offer. Under California law, insurers in California are required to offer employers policies that cover fertility treatments. However, employers have the freedom to choose between policies that offer fertility treatment coverage or those that don’t.

If your policy does not cover fertility treatments, you can request your employer to include coverage for these treatments as they renew the company policy for the coming year.

You may also contact your local legislator and ask them to propose a legislative bill which requires insurance companies to make fertility a part of any standard insurance policy. To contact your local legislators visit: http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/yourleg.html.

If fertility treatments are offered, using a company’s cafeteria or flexible spending plan (section 125) is an excellent option. This plan offers a predetermined amount of tax free funds for medical expenses. The amount of money set for medical expenses will depend on the patient’s annual income. The plan will set aside money to cover medical costs that can be reimbursed later. To know more about your medical benefits, contact your Human Resources rep or your office’s Accounting department.

How do I schedule a personal fertility consultation?

To book a consultation, you may call us at 858-381-2281 or click here for a complete list of our consultation and treatment options.