Women’s Wellness Coaching

Many women find that they reach different phases in their lives when they could benefit from an outside support –someone to work with them by actively listening–who is separate from their friendship, community or even family circles. A Women’s Wellness Coach is a professional who proactively works with you by advocating for your best interest by helping you to address areas of your health or life that may feel out of balance or be in need of improvement.

Coaching can be a great support, especially during transitions. Whether you are preparing to start a family, are returning to work, are considering changing professions, or are seeking changes for your own personal happiness, growth, or well-being, Wellness Coaching can help you to narrow your focus, align your values, and determine your next best steps!

Coaching supports you by encouraging positive growth and wellness in both your personal and professional life. You receive guidance as you consciously make new discoveries, increase self-awareness and implement positive changes in your life. By prioritizing your health and personal happiness, other aspects of your life change in positive ways. When you choose to focus on being centered and balanced, you move through the daily challenges of life with more ease. You create space to do this important work when you make the decision to work with a Coach!

Some Benefits of Coaching Include:

  • Increased self-awareness
  • Mental and emotional clarity
  • Discovery of new intentions for forward-movement in your life
  • Space and time for creative solutions to surface
  • Consistency of practice and affirmation that may be lacking in your present life
  • Focus on what you CAN CHANGE including beliefs, attitudes, actions, reactions, habits, situations, and emotions

After childbirth and as we enter into mid-life we have new opportunities to create meaningful lives in other ways that fulfill us in mind, body and spirit. Making these new discoveries is exciting and can be scary at times.

Courtney’s work with you is focused on providing guidance by helping you to clarify your needs and desires as you work through present obstacles in order to feel your very best.