Nutritional Counseling

We encourage all of our patients to choose an organic whole foods diet that has minimal amounts of sugars, white flour products, synthetic additives, or various ingredients that are difficult to pronounce. This is universally beneficial to all people.
After that, we believe that nutritional guidelines need to be specific to you as an individual. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to the best way to eat because each of us has different constitutions.
We generally don’t believe in diets because they flat out don’t work. The goal is to find a balanced and authentic way to eat for the long-term. If it feels unnatural, forced, or excessively uncomfortable there is almost no chance of the diet becoming a viable long-term solution.
In this day and age, our relationship with food has so much to do with how well we are managing stress, expressing our emotions, and maintaining awareness of our core beliefs. We easily turn to food for immediate gratification and comfort, which so often points to a deeper imbalance that is taking place in the mind. Our goal is to help you work on this level so you can make lasting changes, possibly for the first time ever.

At Reproductive Wellness we count with an excellent Holistic Health & Natural Chef, Amy Krasner, that has designed different plans to fulfill your needs:

Total Nourishment: Since lifestyle factors are just as important as nutrition, all of my services focus on developing healthier habits. Some of the areas that we will work together on include: sleep, stress, relationships, career and physical activity.

Initial consultation: During this one‐hour session, we will assess your current health condition. We will use tools such as a food intake, healthy history, blood test results and a symptom survey to provide a total assessment. The purpose of this initial consultation is to determine the root cause of your main health concerns. Together, we will develop a lifestyle and nutrition plan for you to take home with you.

Personalized Nutrition Plan: Once we have completed the initial consultation, I will design a personalized meal plan to support your nutrition goals. The meal plan will include a variety of breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner options. Additionally, you will receive educational handouts to explain how best to nourish your body. Your personalized nutrition plan will also include supplement recommendations.

Pantry Makeover & Grocery Store Tours: The foundation of a healthy diet starts in the grocery store. During this service, we will go through your pantry to get rid of all the artificial ingredients and then we will head to the grocery store to stock up with healthier alternatives.

Cooking classes: If you are looking to eat healthier or to get some new recipes, these monthly cooking classes are designed for you. This is a great way to make healthy cooking more flavorful and more enjoyable.

For more information, share Amy Kresner’s website