Are you looking for a more comprehensive holistic approach to your healthcare? Do you want to understand and heal the root of your hormone imbalances and fertility struggles? Would you like alternatives to medication, birth control pills, and invasive procedures? Do you want to optimize the health of your future child through preconception care? If so, you may benefit from a Naturopathic Medicine consultation.

What can a Naturopathic Medicine consultation do for you?

 Identify all aspects of your unique hormone imbalance through advanced testing.
 Restore a state of health, rather than suppress symptoms through an individualized approach.
 Connect the dots between all of your health concerns, as no system acts independent of the others.
 Identify how the health of your gut, environmental exposure, allergies, genetics, and blood sugar imbalances could be impacting your hormones.
 Determine the best dietary and lifestyle approach for your particular condition.
 Bridge the gap between Western and Eastern philosophies, combining the latest research with traditional wisdom.
 Utilize treatments that work with your body rather than against it, such as, herbs, nutrients, homeopathy, and more!

What you will not find in a Naturopathic Consultation:

» A dictatorship relationship
» An “anti-medication” stance
» A standard protocol or generic approach
» A disregard for your financial investment
» Shame or guilt surrounding any current or past struggles

How can you find out if it is the right fit for you?

Dr. Natasha Monterrey offers a complimentary 15-minute consultation to allow you to understand her style of practice and have your questions answered, so you can feel confident this is the approach that is best for you!