What is Naturopathic Medicine?

Naturopathic medicine is a branch of primary care medicine that focuses on prevention, treatment, and optimal health by recognizing the individual and working to find the root cause of disease. Naturopathic doctors complete a four year medical education that includes vigorous training in botanical medicine, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, pharmacology, counseling, nutrition, and IV and injection therapy and they must pass two licensing exams before beginning to practice.

How can you find out if it is the right fit for you?

Dr. Natasha Monterey osees each patient as an individual. She will work to find the root cause of your health concerns and create an individualized plan that will help you achieve optimal health. If your goal is to get pregnant, balance your hormones, lose weight, detox, heal your gut, come off birth control, improve your mood, improve your sleep, increase your energy and more naturopathic medicine is a fantastic tool.

Dr. Natasha Monterey is an expert in fertility and hormone health and looks forward to working with you to achieve your goals!

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