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PCOS Awareness Month


PCOS, shortened for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, has recently developed into a prevalent disease among women. The condition causes the ovaries to produce an unusual amount of male sex hormones called androgens. These hormones are present within the female body but in smaller amounts. However, these hormones go into overdrive when a woman suffers from PCOS.

This leads to multiple complications with the regularities of the female body, such as PMS, menstruation, fertility, and pregnancy. Although the term PCOS defines cysts as a symptom of the affected ovaries, some women may not get cysts despite suffering from PCOS, and while some may develop cysts, they would not have the disease itself.

Brief Insight: PCOS

As of 2017, The World Health Organization (WHO) reported statistics that over 116 million women are affected by PCOS in one way or other. As PCOS is a complex condition, it is known to lead to worrying symptoms that put the patient at high risk for more perplexing diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disorder, infertility, and even psychotic imbalances.

The Use of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture in PCOS

Traditional Chinese medicine, based on the concepts of Qi, has been known to work against PCOS and its symptoms. Qi is an ancient Chinese concept of using the energy of the force of life running within our bodies and balancing out the Yin and Yang of our system. TCM uses the perspective of syndromes as compared to focusing on one specific disease.

That’s how experts can help you realize that there might be numerous reasons behind your developing symptoms, not just one. Thus opening more ways of addressing and treating it. So standard medical practices entail women taking medicine to alter their conditions and are limited to such ways to wait for positive results.

However, TCM recommends conducting acupuncture. The idea is to filter out all the phlegm and moisture from the uterus and other female organs to create a nourishing environment for the system with clarified blood traveling to all body parts. Acupuncture has shown results in nourishing the body from within and facilitating natural ovulation.

Marc Sklar & His Work for PCOS

Dr. Marc Sklar is a fertility expert having specialized in this field for many years now. Successful results and transformed lives are proof of his understanding of infertility and one of its leading causes: PCOS. According to Marc, PCOS is not only manageable but also treatable. He is an empowering figure for women who are about to give up on trying to become a mother.

He and his team have worked endlessly to develop a spectrum of ways to help out potential clients. The idea is about going beyond the standard medical practices of seeking a medical professional and taking medicines. He has multiple genres of content to address this for his clients, from educational courses to awareness blogs, motivational videos, etc.

In Conclusion,

The choice of starting a family is liberating. But unfortunately, not everyone is presented with this option as easily in their life as others. Managing PCOS and requiring treatment for it is every woman’s right to allow themselves to live a healthy and fulfilled life. If you or anyone you know is suffering from PCOS, they deserve all encouragement to get it treated.

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