All You Need to Know About Light Therapy for Fertility

All You Need to Know About Light Therapy for Fertility

Did you know that nearly 9 percent of men and 11 percent of women struggle with fertility issues in the US? Though fertility in women declines as they age, it is still possible to naturally have babies in their late 30s and early 40s. So, if you are struggling with conception and worried about your advancing age, then take a sigh of relief because you’re not the only one against this challenge, and the good news is that you too can conceive naturally.

Schedule a free consultation with Marc Sklar at Reproductive Wellness. Marc has 19 years of experience in this domain and can help you take control of your reproductive health naturally, such as fertility acupuncture, holistic pregnancy techniques, and light therapy. In today’s post, we’ll focus on light therapy for fertility.

Light Therapy for Fertility Explained

As the name suggests, light therapy uses the power of light to increase fertility in both women and men. It may use either near-infrared light, red light, or a combination of the two. The type of light may vary based on the targeted body part.

To increase fertility in women, the targeted body parts are ovaries, uterus, endocrine system, and fallopian tubes. All these issues require the best light with high intensity for deep penetration.

When it comes to light therapy for fertility, light is used to target mitochondria in the egg cells. It is believed that the functioning of mitochondria is related to the implantation rates of fertilized eggs. This is critical for natural and IVF pregnancy. Therefore, the combination of near-infrared and red light targets the mitochondria, thereby improving their functioning and lowering the chances of DNA mutation that may otherwise hinder fertility.  Think of this a Reproductive Anti-aging or Ovarian Rejuvination.

Likewise, a couple or more near-infrared light therapy weekly sessions can also improve women’s fertility when applied to the abdomen. The process optimizes the environment of the reproductive system, thereby ensuring healthy egg cells are successfully released during ovulation which travels to the fallopian tubes and gets implanted in the healthy uterine wall with a good flow of blood. Simultaneously, it also improves the egg cell’s health directly, thereby naturally increasing the chances of conception.

Light Therapy for Male Fertility

In men, light therapy involves either visible red light or non-visible near-infrared light. However, 670nm red light is well-researched for effectively improving sperm quality and male reproductive health in a single session.

In men, sperm quality and motility are of critical importance for fertility. This is because the sperm may never reach the female’s egg cell and fertilize if it doesn’t have sufficient speed. And this is what light therapy helps with. It is proven to improve the motility of sperm cells.

For more information about light therapy or to schedule a consultation with our fertility expert, contact us today. Remember that it’s not too late. The right treatment at the right time can increase your chances of natural conception and becoming a parent.

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