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PCOS Awareness Month

PCOS, shortened for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, has recently developed into a prevalent disease among women. The condition causes the ovaries to produce an unusual amount of male sex hormones called androgens. These hormones are present within the female body but in smaller amounts. However, these hormones go into overdrive when a woman suffers from PCOS. […]

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Acupuncture, Herbs Ease Hay Fever

At Acupuncture San Diego we treat Allergies utilizing acupuncture, Chinese medicine and functional medicine. Acupuncture has a long history of treating allergies effectively. Below is an article published in 2004 which shows its effectiveness. NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Regular sessions of acupuncture and daily doses of Chinese herbal medicine may help ease the burden

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Pregnancy Support & Miscarriage Prevention

Nurture yourself and your developing baby with proven natural treatment therapies to support a full term healthy pregnancy. If you: have had difficulty achieving and sustaining a full term pregnancy have a history of miscarriage or difficult pregnancy have a history of difficult labor and delivery want a healthy pregnancy and positive pregnancy experience we

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Specialized Fertility Massage Therapy

The focus of our Fertility Massage Therapy Program is to treat, improve, and correct underlying disorders inhibiting fertility. For women who have been diagnosed with forms of Fallopian Tube Obstruction, or Abdominal Adhesions or Endometriosis, we offer a highly specialized and focused form of corrective massage therapy called The Arvigo Technique for Maya Abdominal Massage

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Natural Fertility THERAPY : Chinese Herbal Medicine

What is Chinese Herbal Medicine? Chinese Herbal Medicine, Herbal Formulas, or Botanical Medicine, as used at Reproductive Wellness TM, is the use of plants, individually or in combination, as medication to treat health condition, imbalances, and support health. Unlike synthetic pharmaceuticals, Herbal Medicines leave no residual accumulations in the body, have low to no toxicity,

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