Pregnancy & Postpartum

Local Wellness Center in San Diego Can Help You Prepare for Pregnancy


Women today have more options when planning to get pregnant. However, some would learn the hard way that getting pregnant is not as easy as people would think it to be. While there are numerous options for contraceptives, and a huge barrage of reminders from many social institutions about unwanted pregnancy, there remains a lack

San Diego Wellness Center Acupuncture Reduces Stress for IVF Success


In vitro fertilization or IVF is a form of assisted reproductive technology which helps couples who have fertility problems. This is one of many infertility treatments available today, and while it might not be the most popular, it is one of the most viable options for those who have tried just about everything to conceive.

Lactation Problems


We all know that breastfeeding is the ideal way to provide nutrition while intimately bonding with our babies, but most new moms run into nursing obstacles in those early weeks and months.  One of the lactation problems some moms face is insufficient lactation.  From a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) standpoint, this can be due to 2

Pregnancy Recommendations: Easy Month to Month Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy


Lifestyle Choices for Pregnancy     Note: Find these tips and much more info downloading our free Healthy Pregnancy ebook here Pregnancy Recommendations: Month One – v   Acupuncture treatment should occur once per week. Eat light, bland, warm, nutrient-dense food (fresh fruits and veggies, etc.) Eat small portions Sour food is OK Avoid Spicy

Preparing for Pregnancy


There are some steps you should take before attempting pregnancy. Make sure you want to have a baby. This may sound foolish, but many couples approach the attempt to get pregnant without giving enough thought to the affects on their life of having a child. They say “Let’s get pregnant” instead of “Let’s have a

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