In vitro fertilization or IVF is a form of assisted reproductive technology which helps couples who have fertility problems. This is one of many infertility treatments available today, and while it might not be the most popular, it is one of the most viable options for those who have tried just about everything to conceive. According to an article at, a 2014 study on the Human Reproduction publication have found that women who have high levels of stress also have lower chances of being successful with their IVF treatment. Here are some tips from a San Diego wellness center to reduce stress and boost the effects of IVF.

Frequent Acupuncture Appointments

There have already been studies in the past that claim acupuncture can help get you pregnant. However, the researchers cannot seem to agree if it’s true or not. It’s not until recently when an American Society for Reproductive Medicine publication cited on HealthCMi’s blog put forward undeniable evidence that acupuncture is effective in reducing stress in women, hence facilitating better chances of pregnancy. The study compared the results between women who received one acupuncture treatment and women who went in for several acupuncture appointments before their embryo transfer. The researchers found that women who had frequent acupuncture treatments had significantly lower stress-levels, which can help along the IVF treatment. A different study also suggests that traditional Chinese medicine like acupuncture are linked to higher live birth success rates for IVF.

Other Ways to Unwind

Still, acupuncture alone is not the only thing that can help lower stress. Women might have to undergo a change of lifestyle if they’re undergoing the IVF treatment, taking the path with the least stress. Don’t engage in stressful activities and don’t take on any extra responsibilities that would leave you otherwise exhausted. Meditative yoga can also help keep a low-key environment. Avoid anything that can have a negative effect on your mood as much as possible. You could try listening to relaxing music or do a little light reading while enjoying the calming aromas of scented candles.

Diet also plays a big role on your pregnancy and the treatment. Focus on eating healthier by having a planned diet every day. Do some research on the specific foods that can not only fulfill the daily nutritional requirements but also reduce stress levels and increase the chances of a successful treatment.

Acupuncture and a healthier lifestyle can boost your progress with IVF. Go to San Diego fertility clinics like Reproductive Wellness for more infertility treatment options that can improve your chances of becoming pregnant.


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