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High Quality Herbal Medicines

Reproductive Wellness TM only uses the best known sources for botanical and herbal medicines. Due to our commitment to high standards of quality and purity, the companies that supply our pharmacy follow strict GMP standards.

Below are some of the stringent procedures that are followed by our suppliers.

1. Herb Selection and Identification

  • Expert macroscopic inspection to ensure purity
  • Microscopic examination to ascertain species (and sometimes even variety) authenticity
  • TLC (Thin Layer Chromatography), a chemical “fingerprint” unique to each species

2. Herb Preparation

After each herb had been properly identified they are thoroughly cleaned and prepared. The highest grades are selected, and prepared according to the specific protocol of each herb. All foreign materials are meticulously removed the ingredients are assembled and accordingly prepared using a rotary extractor. This continuous rotary motion thoroughly combines the decocted fluids with strict control of the extraction temperature and timing.

3. Evaporation

Once extraction is complete, the decoction flows directly into a state-of-the-art low temperature vacuum evaporation system. This low temperature system eliminates the damaging effects that high temperatures can have on formula potency.

4. Granulation

Still in its airtight chamber, there is a 0% chance of cross-contamination as the granulator sprays the concentrate onto minute particles of base material and dries them to create concentrated granules.

5 Lab Tests

A battery of laboratory tests check samples from each batch to assure Potency and Safety.

These tests include:

  • Microbial testing to screen for E. coli, salmonella, and various other possible bio-contaminants such as molds and yeasts.
  • GC (Gas Chromatography) ensures safety by testing for the presence of over 200 potentially harmful substances such as pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.
  • HPLC (High Pressure Liquid Chromatography) measures potency by substantiating the presence of active ingredients.
  • ICP-MS (Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry) is the future of non-organic (heavy metal) testing.

Herbal Medicine and Pharmaceutical drug interactions

Although there have been reports of interaction between the two modes of treatment, the interaction between herbal medicine and pharmaceuticals is minimal when administered by a trained professional.

Chinese herbology can be used to minimize side effects from pharmaceuticals. In some instances, when coordinated between your medical doctor and your herbal practitioner, pharmaceuticals can be replaced with herbal substitutes. Contact your herbal practitioner if you have any questions regarding the proper use of your herbal medicine prescription.

As herbal remedies grow in popularity, it becomes increasingly important that patients and their health care practitioners know of the potential interactions between these two forms of treatments. Always inform your medical doctors about any prescriptions that you are planning to use.

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