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Reproductive health is a yang-and-yang dynamic, pairing bodily and mental health. Ancient Chinese acupuncturists devised medical practices—including usage of special herbs and therapy—to balance these two elements. Here at Reproductive Wellness fertility clinic, our health care specialists provide natural and acupunctural treatment to Bonita residents. Women’s reproductive health can be affected by a faulty endocrine system or other health detriments. An irregular menstrual cycle, PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), and mood disorders can be treated through Reproductive Wellness’ acupunctural therapies. Described are the causes and treatments for fertility-related afflictions among individuals in San Diego that Reproductive Wellness’ specialists can mend.

Natural Fertility & Acupuncture

Regular sessions at Reproductive Wellness can help increase chances of pregnancy. Acupuncture is a diverse health care practice for the reproductive system and diminishes the numerous conditions that halt the joy and excitement of pregnancy. Unnatural hormone production is symptomized by not only genetics or bodily health—but an unhealthy lifestyle, as well. Reproductive Wellness diligently uses holistic medicine to join the “yin” with the “yang” and create a productive therapeutical regiment tailored individually to residents of Bonita.

The endocrine system is likened to the heart—sending chemicals and nutrients throughout the body, varying from adrenaline in the brain to estrogen in the ovaries. Reproductive Wellness’ acupuncture for fertility can intercept the transmission of androgens (or male sex hormones) and other chemical imbalances to restore fertility and a healthy reproductive system. Obesity, a diminished metabolism, and an unsettled menstrual cycle are root-causes of endocrine imbalance. Acupuncture for fertility locates channels of blood flow linked to the endocrine system and charges it with nutrients to strengthen reproductive health. The depression, unfruitful pregnancy efforts, and lethargy associated with a haywire endocrine system can be a tough dilemma. Scheduling a diagnostic session with Reproductive Wellness can boost reproductive health among Bonita women—including complicated disorders, like PCOS.

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PCOS: Hair loss, diabetes, obesity, and mental illness are secondary afflictions of PCOS’ disturbance of fertility. A hazard of PCOS is that diagnosis is elusive, causing the disorder to escalate if not properly treated. Taking estrogen hormones via medication can alleviate symptoms of PCOS—however, Reproductive Wellness’ acupuncture for fertility provides a healthy and productive means to combat it. PCOS affects each individual distinctively, with a cocktail of differing hormonal conditions. Our natural acupuncture treatment can halt the hormonal affects of PCOS, leading to a healthier mindset and increased fertility rates for San Diego women.

Long-term fertility health requires a team of consultants to ensure proactivity. At Reproductive Wellness fertility clinic, we hone effective and relaxing treatment plans to forge a personable relationship with clients. Our acupuncture fertility specialists will responsively map-out a range of therapies, including massages, dietary changes, and well-designed medical plans to prepare Bonita residents for a bright future with family! Call today at: (858) 381-2281 to receive consultation.