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Achieve Pregnancy Naturally

Many La Mesa couples have issues in their efforts to conceive. Regardless of whether the problem may be endometriosis, irregular periods, poor ovarian reserve, or even male fertility issues, we help those who more than anything else want to have a healthy baby. At Reproductive Wellness, we know there are countless things that can cause infertility. As a natural fertility clinic focused on helping our clients realize their dreams, we provide a wide array of solutions for those having problems getting pregnant or who need additional support in making their efforts with IUI and IVF doctors and specialists successful.

Holistic fertility is our focus, and depending on your circumstances may involve acupuncture, oriental, functional, and Western medicine, a focus on nutrition, emotional well-being and overall health, or a combination of treatments that work to help those with fertility issues overcome obstacles. From advanced maternal age (AMA) and high FSH to hormonal imbalances and unexplained infertility, our goal is to help you take control. Many couples assume that when it seems impossible to conceive, it must be an issue with the female partner. The fact is, low sperm count and other problems maybe to blame. When in search of male fertility specialists or clinics you can rely on our team to diagnose potential issues so that you have the best possible chance of conceiving.

A 100% Holistic Approach

Natural fertility specialists achieve exceptional results for patients who may have experienced a miscarriage or who have menstrual or pelvic pain, PMS, and other issues. We are a reproduction center focused on holistic infertility help for those who are looking for a natural approach to pregnancy. As one of the most recognized and trusted wellness centers providing service to those in La Mesa and surrounding areas, we invite you to learn more about our services and treatment today. Contact Reproductive Wellness at 858-381-2281 and discover how a natural approach can change the course of your life.