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At Reproductive Wellness, we understand couples in Carlsbad often face unexplained infertility issues, or other problems that prevent your dream of conceiving and having the baby you want so badly. Perhaps you need support so that your visits with IUI or IVF doctors or specialists result in pregnancy, or have other issues such as endometriosis, irregular periods, a prior miscarriage, or low sperm count on behalf of your partner. We take a natural approach to holistic fertility, helping our clients reach their dreams through acupuncture, nutrition, enhanced emotional well-being, and other methods that while different from traditional treatment are proven effective.

Natural Reproductive Therapy

Some women and men face unexplained fertility issues; is the problem due to low sperm count, high fsh, poor ovarian reserve, low amh, advanced maternal age, or something else altogether? We understand how frustrating it can be when your biggest desire is to become pregnant and deliver a healthy, happy baby. As natural fertility specialists, we know that there isn’t always an easy or simple solution to every problem. We believe in holistic fertility, focusing on acupuncture, nutrition, emotional health, and the overall health of the body in addition to Chinese and integrated medicine to allow our clients to take control of conception issues.

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The approach to natural fertility is unique; every woman and man is different. We know without a doubt that a body that functions properly is essential to a healthy pregnancy. Our reproduction center is dedicated to providing customized solutions to holistic fertility, helping you realize your dreams whether you are involved with IVF doctors and seeking to make your effort more successful, or dealing with other issues. Reproductive Wellness Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine invites you to schedule a free consultation today at 858-381-2281.