Del Mar Fertility Specialists

A Natural Approach to Fertility

Reproductive Wellness fertility clinic offers results-proven acupuncture for residents of Del Mar. Acupuncture originated in ancient China, using herbs and needles as a method for holistic health. More than ten percent of American women face fertility-related issues and acupuncture provides a natural and soothing counter to a host of these ailments. Acupuncture for fertility pin-points and restores blood flow imbalances and nutritional deficiencies in the reproductive system. Reproductive Wellness specializes in fine-tuning acupuncture to suit the needs of Del Mar residents. We strive to work one-on-one with patients to employ acupuncture for a host of fertility issues: ranging from PCOS (polycystic ovarian health), endocrine (or reproductive gland) imbalance, and infertility.

Natural Fertility & Acupuncture

Acupuncture for fertility is a relaxing and stress-busting therapy that compliments medical procedures like IVF and IUI. The endocrine system is an extensive network of hormonal glands that influences mood and hormone production. Ranging from the brain to the uterus, chemical and hormonal disturbances in the endocrine system can hinder reproductive health. Reproductive Wellness works closely with Del Mar patients to improve pregnancy and a wholesome lifestyle with innovative acupunctural treatment. Even complicated disorders like PCOS are no match for Reproductive Wellness’ holistic healers!

PCOS: PCOS afflicts female reproductive health by pumping androgens (or male sex hormones) into the ovaries via the endocrine system. Fertility for women with PCOS can be challenging since the disorder disrupts ovulation and metabolism. Insulin resistance and obesity can enhance PCOS’ disruption of fertility. A troubling factor of PCOS is that it cannot be defined by a series of root causes since the endocrine system is vast and complex. Ancient Chinese medicine was intuitive with understanding the relationship between mind and body. Reproductive Wellness’ acupuncture for fertility coupled with a healthy diet and exercise can restore fertility to Del Mar women with PCOS.

Del Mar Residents Served at our Carmel Valley Clinic

Natural ovarian health is achieved by balancing diet and exercise to fend-off unhealthy hormone production in hormonal glands. Unfortunately, symptoms of unbalanced reproductive health—such as weight gain, depression, and fatigue—can be a pit-fall. Reproductive Wellness’ acupunctural remedies locate and deflect these crippling hormone disparities with simple yet effective therapy sessions for Del Mar residents. Firstly, our health specialists target centers of blood flow linking to reproductive endocrine glands. Then nutrients are produced blood currents to invigorate ovarian health and balance production of androgens or other reproductive anomalies. Instead of introducing artificial hormones to the body, acupunctural therapy offers natural treatment for hormone replacement and a robust reproductive system.

Reproductive Wellness’ acupuncture for fertility will meet the needs of Del Mar women to improve fertility rates for a wholesome, healthier body. Chinese medicine and acupuncture operate to alleviate the daily stress of worrying about reproductive health while introducing beneficial lifestyle practices. Acute endocrine balances can be an exasperating occurrence—but our acupuncturists are dedicated to a balanced, natural approach for Del Mar clients! Call today at: (858) 381-2281 to schedule an appointment.