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Are you currently working with IVF or IUI specialists or doctors in your efforts to conceive? Perhaps you suffer from unexplained infertility, poor ovarian reserve, or are concerned about AMA or advanced maternal age. At Reproductive Wellness, we work with Poway couples who are interested in holistic fertility, a natural approach to improving health, mind, and body so that you can take control of your fertility.

Natural fertility clinics focus on methods outside of traditional medicine to enhance the likelihood of pregnancy. Some of the treatments and methods used depending on the situation include acupuncture, nutrition, emotional well-being, Chinese and integrative medicine, and more. Many men have a low sperm count or other issues that may impact male fertility. Irregular periods, endometriosis, high FSH or low AMH; there are countless issues that can affect your fertility, even an imbalance of hormones in the body. Our reproduction center focuses on you as a person, customizing treatment to your unique needs so that you can finally achieve your dream of becoming a parent.

Both men and women can have issues that affect fertility, very disheartening when your heart is set on having a little bundle of joy. The truth is, your physical and emotional health have a huge impact on how well your body functions, and issues that can prevent you from conceiving. At Reproductive Wellness Acupuncture & Integrative Wellness we focus on the body as a whole, providing a neuropathy treatment approach that helps our clients achieve optimum health. Those in Poway interested in learning more about holistic pregnancy, our services and treatment options, and how we can help are invited to contact us today at 858-381-2281.