Nutrition Tip about Kale- Massaging Kale Technique and Health Benefits

Nutrition is not only about flavor. It is also about health and about nourished the body. At Reproductive Wellness we know how that the only way to keep good nutrition habits (that are going to help you increasing your fertility and your general health) is if you like and enjoy what you eat.

Our friend and Holistic Nutritionist and Natural Chef, Amy Pamensky, has made a video recipe about that “new” veggie everybody is talking about… Kale! Kale has become a new favorite leafy green in the past couple of years. There are plenty health benefits to this dark green celebrity including:

  • Cholesterol lowering
  • Cancer prevention
  • Detoxifying
  • Anti-oxidant with plenty of flavanoids

Amy told us: “My favorite technique for a quick kale salad is called “massaging” the kale. This technique takes 1 minute (if you are using dinosaur kale) or 5 minutes (if you are using curly kale). There are several benefits from using the massaging technique”:

  1. Better texture
  2. Easier to digest
  3. You get more nutrients
  4. Better flavor

Check Amy’s blog for a simple recipe for a nutritious and flavorful 10 minute kale salad!

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