Nut Butters- How to Select the Healthiest Nut Butters

Guidelines to a healthy peanut butter

  1. Ingredients should ONLY list: “Peanuts” *
  2. Oil should be floating on top of the butter. The should be separated**

*If you are not brave enough to go unsalted for your first jar of healthy peanut butter, then gradually change your peanut butter. Make sure to avoid added sugars AND palm oil/ safflower oil/ sunflower oil.

** If the oil and butter are separated it means that there are no artificial ingredients or binders in the peanut butter. When you open the peanut butter, stir it with a knife until the oil and butter are well-incorporated. Then put the jar in the fridge and then the butter and oil will stay combined.


Amy Pamensky with Nourished Balance, Holistic Nutritionist and Natural chef wanted to share a couple secrets with all the Reproductive Wellness friends.

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