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Yoga for fertility and its health benefits

Yoga has been shown to greatly help promote general relaxation and reduce anxiety, stress and depression.  Research suggests that yoga may also significantly help to promote conception on a physiological level.

Reproductive Wellness has researched and developed a combination of practices specifically to improve the conditions necessary for conception and pregnancy. By using Reproductive Wellness Fertility Yoga one can enhance the self-regulation of hormonal imbalances, increase circulation and stimulation of both female and male reproductive organs. With the increased blood flow that nourishes the endometrial lining the possibility for a successful conception and implantation greatly improves, and enables couples to better manage their emotions with conscious awareness.

Anger, frustration, and stress (arising from infertility or any aspect of life) generate chemical responses similar to an immune system response.  By using Reproductive Wellness Fertility Yoga practices one can essentially shut off, or at least slow down, these “fight or flight” responses, thereby decreasing levels of stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline (all of which are counterproductive to conception).  Reproductive Wellness Fertility Yoga can assist in resetting a woman’s biological clock and hormonal balance, including menstrual cycle regularity.

With regular practice, Reproductive Wellness Fertility Yoga enables individuals to better connect to their bodies and their partners, to experience greater relaxation and sets an optimal foundation for healthy pregnancy.

How Yoga Improves Fertility

Yoga Asana (postures) and Pranayama (breathwork) are instrumental in preparing the body, the mind and the spirit for conception.  Yoga can increase your chances of conceiving by working on 3 different levels.

1.      PHYSICAL

 The physical benefits of yoga can be addressed through the postures (asana).  The emphasis of the postures are to open up the hip and pelvic region in both men and women in order to break down any scar tissue and release tight musculature that can impede optimal circulation to the reproductive organs.  Other postures work on creating strength in the pelvic floor area to prepare for childbearing and childbirth.  All postures increase awareness of the body with special emphasis on the pelvic and abdominal region so that the practitioner can feel what is going on in his or her body and create more relaxed and receptive conditions for conceiving.

Recommended Asana:

v  The Morning Series

v  Hip Opening Series

v  Mula Bandha – lifting the pelvic floor

v  Standing Poses

v  Viparita Karani Sequence


 The benefits of yoga for fertility go way beyond the physical form of the poses.  Regular practice of the appropriate asana sequences create significant changes in the practitioner’s physiology and work to restore balance where it is needed most.  The two most important physiological effects are on the endocrine system and the nervous system.

Endocrine System:  Responsible for hormone regulation and reproductive health.

Nervous System:  Moving from a sympathetic (fight or flight) state to a parasympathetic state (which is essential for the reproductive system to work).

Recommended Asana:

v  The 5 Tibetans – to stimulate the endocrine system

v  Inversions (Sarvangasana – shoulder stand) for the pineal and thyroid gland

v  Chest openers and Twists  – for the adrenal glands

v  Restoratives – to move towards a parasympathetic state


 This is the most important aspect to address when working to create a new life.  The stress of trying to conceive can actually be the one thing that is preventing it from happening. Fertility Yoga works to bring calmness to the mind and emotions by bringing your attention to the breath and bringing you into the present moment.  Its aim is to connect with your heart and inner wisdom in order to find the joy that is already there.  In Fertility Yoga, we rediscover our sense of oneness with all things and learn tools to manifest what you want through visualization and imagery.

Recommended Asana/Pranayama/techniques:

v  Ujayi and Bhamari breath

v  Body Scan / Guided Imagery / Yoga Nidra

v  Increased awareness of the pelvis and internal organs

v  Letting go of the old and making way for the new

v  Preparing for baby/ Setting Intention

v  Meditation

There are many types of Yoga that one can practice, but fertility yoga utilizes the gentler forms of Yoga, such as Hatha, Kripalu and Couples’ Yoga.  Those who are experiencing fertility challenges should avoid the more strenuous forms of Yoga including bikram yoga (also known as hot yoga) and ashtanga yoga.

Forms of Fertility Yoga

  • Hatha Yoga: This form of fertility Yoga is performed slowly and methodically. Students use postures that encourage breathing, meditation and improved posture.
  • Kripalu Yoga: This type of fertility yoga helps to increase awareness of the mind, body, and spirit through a series of easy to perform postures.
  • Couples’ Yoga: In couples’ fertility yoga, positions are performed with the help of a partner. The movement and interdependence bring couples together, improves communication, and enhances interconnectivity.

Reproductive Wellness has put together a Fertility Workshop where we teach fertility yoga, fertility meditation, food for fertility and sex tips. Please check Reproductive Wellness facebook site to be informed about upcoming dates. If you would like more information about upcoming workshops, please email

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