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Some Unexpected Factors that May Have an Impact on Your Fertility

Factors that impact fertility

Some Unexpected Factors that May Have an Impact on Your Fertility

While some women can get pregnant easily after very little effort, other women have a harder time. If you are one of the latter, consider seeking help from a fertility and wellness center, such as Reproductive Wellness in San Diego. The experts in facilities like this may help identify the reasons for your difficulty in conceiving, and offer viable solutions.

You likely already know that age plays a key factor in your ability to have a child, but you may not be aware of other issues that can affect your fertility. Women over the age of 35 have a harder time getting pregnant because their bodies produce fewer eggs, and your chances drop every year after that. In addition to age, other factors could also have an impact on fertility.

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Your Weight

Your body mass index refers to the ratio of your height to your weight. The place where you fall on this index lets you know if you are overweight or obese. It’s important that you know where you fall on this index because it can give you an idea of how easily you will get pregnant. Overweight women have a significantly harder time getting pregnant than those at a healthy weight, but being significantly underweight can reduce your chances of having a child too.

When You Have Intercourse

There are a number of old wives tales that say you should have sex in a certain position or at a certain time of day to increase your chances of having a child. While those stories are nothing more than fiction, properly timing intercourse can increase your chances. The best time to have sex is when you are ovulating, and experts often recommend that you have sex in the three days prior to ovulation. You can purchase home tests that let you see when you are ovulating to reduce any confusion.

The Chemicals You Use

Your fertility may also relate to the chemicals that you surround yourself with and those you use every day. Cigarettes contain a number of toxic chemicals and substances that can wreak havoc with fertility, which is why fertility specialists recommend that you stop smoking when you decide to conceive. You should also avoid the chemicals found in makeup products like nail polish and cleaning products, which can lead to early menopause.

Knowing when to have intercourse, getting to a healthy weight, and avoiding chemicals may help you conceive. Consult fertility experts to find out more, and find specific solutions for your particular case.

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