Wellness Center: Good Emotional and Physical Health Improves Fertility


Wellness Center: Good Emotional and Physical Health Improves Fertility

Infertility can affect any couple without any warning or advance signs of concern. By the time people seek medical assistance they are often frustrated and worried about whether or not they will ever be able to reproduce on their own. This worry and stress may be part of what is contributing to their inability to conceive. According a trusted wellness center in San Diego, addressing those emotional issues is a necessary step to achieving a positive outcome.


How Emotional Wellness Affects Overall Health

Stress, depression and worry are all emotional issues that affect much more than mood. No matter what the feelings are caused by, whether it is work-related or from some other cause, it can have the same affect. People are at a greater risk of headaches, insomnia and high blood pressure. Excessive worrying and stress can lead to digestive issues and ultimately a compromised immune systems. Unstable emotional health can also cause individuals to feel uninterested in their love life, or unable to perform.

The Link Between Stress and Conception

Infertility can be because couples are not able or well enough to have a healthy sex life, but there are other factors that cause infertility in these instances too. Women who are under stress will produce more adrenaline and this often inhibits the use of progesterone in the body. Without this important hormone, fertility suffers. It can also cause the body to release high levels of the hormone prolactin, preventing pregnancy as well.

Treating Stress Naturally to Increase Fertility

Reducing stress is necessary to improve the odds of conception. It is not necessary to rely on medications to accomplish this. There are many natural methods of treatment that can assist emotionally stressed women. With the help of San Diego fertility clinics like Reproductive Wellness, fertility can often be improved at home with meditation, massage and other relaxation techniques. For professional help, acupuncture can prove to be a beneficial method. This ancient health treatment helps to improve circulation, boost mood and relax the mind and body. It can treat many physical problems that have contributed to the fertility problems as well as reducing stress.

Not all fertility problems are stress-related, but since stress is so damaging to the body, treating it first is important. Additionally, more aggressive methods of fertility treatments can always be added after successfully improving emotional wellbeing, if necessary. Regardless, any treatment plan should begin with a complete health assessment first, for both health and emotional wellness.


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