Fertility Problems? Visit a Wellness Center for Acupuncture Treatments

acupuncture for fertility

Fertility Problems? Visit a Wellness Center for Acupuncture Treatments

A lot of San Diego couples, like many the world over, are often excited to start their own family. The trouble is that sometimes, the stork doesn’t arrive as expected. There could be a dozen reasons for a woman’s failure to conceive, most of which can be traced to an imbalance in a woman’s body. For example, low levels of key hormones can make it difficult for a child to develop in a woman’s womb.

Fortunately, there are many methods to help with these difficulties in conceiving a child, but unfortunately, several are chemical in nature and could have side-effects. There is one solution, though, that is natural and has little to no side-effects: acupuncture.

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Acupuncture Basics

Getting fertility acupuncture at a local wellness center, like Reproductive Wellness, can help remove a lot of worries about side-effects. The main thing to understand about acupuncture is that it is a treatment that doesn’t introduce any foreign substances in the body. What it does is actually encourage the body to repair itself.    

Acupuncture is a 3,000-year-old Chinese tradition that is based on inserting long thin needles into various energy points of the body. These points are supposed to be regulation points for the flow of chi (life force) in the body. There are over 500 such points in the body and acupuncturists use them to reverse the imbalance of chi flow, which is supposedly the root of many a person’s problems. 

How It Helps the Infertile 

How does this help women who have fertility problems? Considering that there are various causes of infertility, having a flexible treatment option that can deal with a variety of conditions makes acupuncture ideal. For example, hormone problems can be the root of infertility. Either too much or too little is being produced and this results in infertility. Using conventional methods would require expensive drug treatments that have to be tailor-made for the patient. With acupuncture, proper hormone regulation can be done in the same treatment. Acupuncture can also increase the blood flow to the womb and help relax spasmed tubes, both of which may increase the chances of pregnancy. 

Take a Chance

Conceiving a child can be difficult for some women. With acupuncture, they have a safe way to get pregnant. Try it when other options have failed and you may be pleased with the results. 

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