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Wellness Center in San Diego: A Healthy Lifestyle for IVF Support


Wellness Center in San Diego: A Healthy Lifestyle for IVF Support

The natural way of conception is achieved through the process of fertilization, wherein the egg and sperm meet to become an embryo, which then grows into a fetus, until the baby is born 9 months later. Unfortunately, not all couples are given this remarkable opportunity.

Infertility may happen to either one or both couples for various reasons. For the males, this may be caused by blockage or decreased sperm count. Meanwhile, having blocked or damaged fallopian tubes, either due to prior surgery or suffering from pelvic inflammatory disease, is a common source for the inability to conceive a child among women. Some cases also involve endometriosis and other unexplained causes.

With modern medicine, infertility may now be treated through assisted reproductive technology (ART), wherein medical techniques are used to help the woman conceive. The most popular form of ART today is the in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle, considered to be the last resort for many couples when all less complex fertility remedies have been exhausted. The IVF is not a one-shot or brief medical procedure, however, and it’s critical that couples seek consultation from health care clinics like a wellness center in San Diego before choosing this option.

The IVF Procedure

The alternative technique will still undergo the process of fertilization, but as the term “in vitro” suggests, this will initially take place outside the woman’s body, or more specifically in a laboratory dish. Eventually, the final step will have the fertilized eggs injected into the woman’s uterus, and hopefully, it will successfully develop into a fetus. For this reason, it’s important that both the man and woman begin or maintain a healthy lifestyle to further improve the chances of success.

Throughout the treatment, both individuals should greatly reduce or completely eliminate any vice, such as alcohol consumption, cigarette smoking, and in some cases, even coffee intake. Start or continue a daily exercise routine for weight management and stress relief.

A Healthy Support

Although the IVF procedure generally has a high success rate, most women seek health clinics for support options like alternative therapies. Others also seek further guidance to a proper diet to make the body more welcoming for the treatment.

Because of the delicate procedure—and significant changes—that’s about to take place in the couple’s lives, it becomes all the more imperative to consult with leading wellness clinics for the right IVF support like the Reproductive Wellness center within the neighborhood of La Jolla.


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