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Night sweats


Night sweats

Ever wake up at night feeling drenched? It can feel uncomfortable not to mention embarrassing. Perhaps you lose sleep over trying to change the bed sheets, or just wake up soaked in wet sheets. It can also make it tough to enjoy sleeping next to your partner because they too feel soaked. Night sweats, a condition known as Sleep Hyperhydrosis refers to excessive sweating during the night.

There are a variety of conditions that can cause night sweating: menopause, infection, cancer, hyperthyroidism, hormone imbalance, certain medications, and others. In traditional Chinese medicine, night sweats are most commonly treated as an imbalance related to what is known as “yin deficiency”, where the goal is to not only restore balance to the hormones but also to try to nourish the body’s coolant or “yin” with lifestyle changes that promote internal stillness and quiet, dietary, herbal and supplement support and encourage hydration and nourishment, and acupuncture that focuses on treating the underlying deficiency while addressing excess heat that may be depleting the body’s “yin”.

While Allopathic medicine does not really offer a great solution to this menacing condition, you have a natural solution that not only addresses these menacing symptoms but also the reasons why you may be having them to begin with. You might find that you not only have less frequent night sweats but also feel much better in many other ways as well!

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