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Hot flashes

Mature Woman Experiencing Hot Flush From Menopause

Hot Flashes

If you have ever talked to a woman who is suffering from hot flashes or worse yet you are suffering from them yourself, you will know that surges of heat can come on suddenly and can occur during the day and night. Women often find them debilitating and embarrassing because they feel hot and sweat at less than optimal times. They can also feel very irritable and depleted, may need to have others in the room adjust the temperature just for them, or leave the room. Many women feel torn between a decision to try HRT, which comes with serious risks, or to go without, which comes with its own set of challenges.

A natural solution involving traditional Chinese medicine, botanical supplements, and possible lifestyle and dietary changes can be a lifesaver for you. Many women who come to our clinic feel better right away, as incidences of hot flashes decrease, as emotions even out, sleep improves, and they feel more calm and peaceful.

Although these hot flashes that often occur during menopause are a part of a natural transitioning of a woman’s life when her body’s energy and hormones are in a state of flux, each woman’s unique symptom picture and underlying patterns are taken into account. However, treatment is often aimed at supporting the “kidney” energy from a TCM point of view. Struggling with the decision about whether or not to use HRT or a natural method that supports not only your current symptoms but also your overall state of wellbeing and health is an important choice.

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