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Common low sperm reasons as a cause of male infertility

Common low sperm reasons as a cause of male infertility


When a couple is unable to conceive a child, the woman and the man generally undergo fertility testing. For the man the analysis of the sperm takes into consideration two aspects. The first aspect is the sperm count. A normal sperm count is considered to have a density or count of 20 million per milliliter of seminal fluid.

Another aspect of the male sperm is the movement density of the sperm or the motile density. The analysis of the motile density determines the number of sperm that are capable of reaching the ovulated ovum and thereby increasing the chances for fertilization of the egg.

Why Am I infertile?

There are many reasons and factors that may point to the cause of male infertility due to a low sperm count. Some of those common reasons include age, stress, sperm being subject to higher than average temperatures and smoking.


The age of a man, as a cause of male infertility, can be a key factor in registering a low sperm count. Obviously, a man can not turn back the hands of time. However, by minimizing other negative factors, which may add to a low sperm count, fertilization of a woman’s egg is not out of the question.

In addition, there is prescription medication that may be prescribed which will send signals to the testicles. These chemical signals may stimulate the testicles, the male hormonal center, to increase the man’s sperm count.


Another major factor that may be a cause of male infertility, due to a low sperm count, is stress. Stress may be derived from a multitude of sources. These sources include emotional stress, physical stress or stress that may be purely psychological in nature.

It has been shown that stress can dramatically reduce the level of the sperm count. The medical reason behind this condition is that a hormone, GnRH, is interrupted. This interruption reduces the sperm count in the male.

Elevated Temperatures

Another identified cause of male infertility is elevated temperature in the male’s groin area. These above average temperatures can be experienced through a sickness that has an accompanying fever, the use of saunas and exposure to hot tubs. High temperature can reduce the count of the male sperm.


One additional identified cause of male infertility, resulting from a low sperm count, is smoking. Smoking minimizes not only the sperm count of the male, but also the sperm’s ability to be mobile. These two adverse affects of smoking, as a cause of male infertility, are also coupled with a study conducted which indicated that men who smoke have a subdued sex drive.

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