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Important information if you are Trying to Conceive – How to know when you are ovulating?   When you are trying to conceive, there are a lot of little thing that can be done in order to “control” the process better. Basal Body Temperature or BBT  it’s helpful to know exactly when you’re ovulating so you can time sex accordingly. There are a lot of apps you can download that would help you track your cycle and ovulation. But at this video Marc Sklar, from Reproductive Wellness, would teach you how to read a conventional Body Temperature Chart. So you are can monitor your ovulation and know if you could be experiencing a reproductive health disorder such as PCOS, Poor Ovarian Reserve, …


At our San Diego clinics, we were constantly asked how to and why BBT was so important. A lot of our patients trying to get pregnant didn’t know what was what is considered the normal temperature or when during their cycle they were ovulating. When a woman comes to one of our acupuncture clinics to start care, we provide a chart and indications to help her start tracking her cycle. A combination of acupuncture and botanical herbs would help her making cycles more regular, with quality eggs. PCOS, stress, low progesterone for example can be key factors to consider when you are trying to get pregnant. With weekly acupuncture treatments we can help you controlling those conditions. Click here to download a copy of a blank BBT chart for you.


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