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Natural Fertility Workshop – July 2013 – San Diego

 Natural Fertility Workshop

–Mind –  Body –  Yoga & You 

Presented by Reproductive Wellness & Hapa Yoga

When: Saturday, July 27th 3pm to 5.30pm

Where: Hapa Yoga Studio |4242 Camino del Rio #10 San Diego, CA 92108

Cost: $30 for public / $20 for members of Reproductive Wellness & Hapa Yoga

Space is limited. RSVP emailing ana@reproductivewellness .com


Natural Fertility Workshop

3.00pm – Welcome & Registration
Our main intention is for you to relax during this Fertility Workshop. Please, pre-register prior to July 27th to receive your Fertility eBook and Fertility Foods eBook copy from Reproductive Wellness, Optional consent form, & method of payment via email. If you did not pre-register please come 15min prior to the studio for registration and payment.
3.15pm – Introduction & purpose
Dr. Marc Sklar from Reproductive Wellness will introduce the team and review the methods and benefits of natural treatments for improving fertility that will be covered during the workshop.

3.30pm – Yoga for Fertility (45’)
Rachel Keller, certified RYT prenatal & postnatal yoga instructor at Hapa Yoga, will be guiding you in a 45 minute practice. You will learn different asanas to help improve fertility, relieve stress, and improve circulation to your reproductive system.
4.15pm – Guided Imagery Fertility Meditation + Relaxation acupuncture treatment (30’)
Joanna Yanez, LMT specialized in Maya Abdominal Massage, will be leading an Imagery Meditation.
Marc Sklar, Acupuncturist & Fertility Specialist from Reproductive Wellness, will be practicing auricular acupuncture to help you get a deeper meditation (acupuncture treatments are recommendable to help you relax but OPTIONAL)
4.45pm – Nutrition & Lifestyle Tips (30’)
Marc Sklar, LAc, will talk about fertility foods, natural supplements to enhance fertility …
5.15pm – Questions & Answers


Space is limited. RSVP emailing ana@reproductivewellness .com

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