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Fertility Yoga at the San Diego Fertility Expo, September 14th

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This year, the San Diego Fertility Expo is bigger than ever. We are not only going to be counting with the latest information about fertility, but also having on going free consultations with the best fertility specialist, Fertility yoga classes, meditation for fertility and 4 excellent fertility speakers! For more info about the speakers and talks about fertility, check this link where we tell you more about the San Diego Fertility Expo.

Today, we wanted to talk about fertility yoga. We are VERY excited to announce that Dr. Robin Saraswati Markus is this year’s fertility yoga teacher at the San Diego Fertility Expo!!

She has created an integrative, holistic and amazing fertility yoga practice. We bet you are now as excited as we are!

Dao Flow is an emerging therapeutic method for women’s health that weaves Daoist thought and Chinese medicine with the ancient technology of Yoga. Dao Flow derives from The Dao (or Tao), the foremost philosophy of China. It is the intelligence that swirls around and through everything, that regulates nature and, with it, us human beings. We Flow in sequences that incorporate the dynamism of yang and surrender us to the stillness of yin, using mind, body and breath to fully inhabit the sacred presence of the moment. Further, activating the potent healing energies of acupuncture meridians through yoga asana and pranayam, Dao Flow balances the neuro-hormonal system and enlivens the endocrine glands. The body-mind becomes a nourishing container in which we purify, unwind, and heal, rather than a vehicle we drive to a forced destination.

Dao Flow was created by Dr. Saraswati Markus, an integrative, holistic gynecologist, doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental medicine, and experienced yoga teacher who has contributed to the field of inner growth, spirituality and alternative (or complementary) medicine for more than 20 years.

Emptiness begets Oneness From Oneness yin and yang are born Primordial feminine and primordial masculine From yin and yang the three energies arise:   Earth, heaven, and all beings in between From the three come the 10,000 things

Saraswati says “We spend most of our time in the yang energy of pursuit, getting, doing– climbing to the top of the mountain in the most direct and efficient way. But let us acknowledge and honor the yin energy of being, of reflecting, of waiting for the opening, and finding the blind way to the valley where all nourishment gathers. This, too, is accomplishment.


Common Expressions of a Dao Flow Yoga Class

1. Highlights a female issue as theme.

2. Healing- focused: every moment is related to being healthy. Which seeds are you planting?

3. Music is carefully selected to enhance the experience and to bring about the seeds of transformation.

4. Cultivate Bhav: A mood or feeling that emphasizes the Transphysical paradigm of alignment with spirit and the connection with all of life and existence.

5. Peak pose to relate to the issue or theme and demonstrate healing.

6. Energize and move through selected poses and meridians that open to the peak pose and theme issue, while activating acu-meridians related to theme.

7. Use the Triad Method to absorb and direct energy movement with breath and concentration 8. Tone the nervous system toward resiliency and healing using yin and yang components and stimulation sets followed by relaxation and recovery practices.

9. Enliven the endocrine glands with special techniques.

10. Focus on community- the whole is greater than the sum of its parts

11. Teach the process of allowing and letting go: Our life is an expression of grace and every moment is a teaching, a part of a curriculum tailor made for us.

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