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Cooking & Nutrition class for PCOS


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What is PCOS?

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) affects 5%-10% of women in North America and is the leading cause of infertility. Women with PCOS have high levels of male hormones (androgens), which play a role in blocking the release of the egg from the follicle. As a result, the ovaries fill with cysts or create immature follicles that are unable to generate eggs. Common Symptoms include:

  • Excessive hair growth on the face, nipple area and lower abdomen
  • Irregular or infrequent periods
  • Abnormal levels of insulin as well as insulin resistance
  • Late or absent ovulation
  • High Prolactin levels
  • PMS
  • Excessive weight gain
  • Acne and/or oily skin
  • Polycystic ovaries
  • Skin tags

There are 3 main rules you need to follow to treat PCOS through nutrition.  If your are ready to start cooking now, download our Fertility Foods eBook, where we share PCOS friendly recipes!

Cooking & Nutrition class for PCOS in San Diego


During this cooking class you will learn how to cook simple and tasty recipes that are in line with the Reproductive Wellness nutrition protocol for PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). Breakfast, snacks, and desserts, seem to be the most challenging to plan for because these meals tend to have higher amounts of carbohydrates.

Join us for this demonstration-style cooking class to learn how to cook with PCOS- friendly recipes and ingredients.

On the Menu

  • Breakfast scramble with goat cheese and asparagus
  • Berry & Greens smoothie
  • Cheesy Kale Chips
  • Homemade Crunchy Granola & Trail Mix
  • Zesty Hummus
  • Coconut Berry Sherbet with fresh mint

During this class we will share nutrition guidelines and meal planning tips specifically for PCOS-friendly diets.

Price: $39

Location:10225 Barnes Canyon Rd, Suite A10, San Diego 92121

Date/Time: Tuesday, April 29th ~ 6pm-7pm

How can I register my spot at the Cooking & Nutrition class for PCOS?

To register email

Cooking & Nutrition class for PCOS Instructors:

Marc Sklar is the founder of The Reproductive Wellness Clinics in San Diego, CA. His career focus has been women’s health and natural fertility. Marc has been helping women with reproductive conditions for more than 10 years.  To learn more about Marc

Amy Pamensky is a Holistic Nutritionist and Natural Chef. She specializes in women’s health, digestive wellness, and family nutrition. Amy creates personalized nutrition plans for each client to improve current health conditions and to support weight loss. To learn more about Amy

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  1. Stacie L Simon

    Hi, I am looking for someone to help my daugher (Riley) with her PCOS and nutrition. Sadly Riley needs help losing weight and I am not local to help her. Riley just moved to the Woodland Hills area. Do you have any classes or support in the LA county area?


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