6 things men can do to improve their health and sperm


As Father’s Day approaches I am reminded how lucky I am to have 2 amazing and energetic boys running around my house.  I also think back to what life was like prior to their demand to rule my life and my household.  Most men I speak to do not realize how important their health and lifestyle are in their quest to have a child.  They usually feel like the burden to have a child falls on the shoulders of their wife or partner and their only responsibility is to deposit their seed when prompted.

Unfortunately, these words could not be further from the truth.  Male fertility issues are a contributing factor to fertility struggles 35-40% of the time.  Many times there are joint, male and female issues that share the burden.  Men are also less proactive about their health, reproductive or not, then their partners.  We just don’t want to be told that our sperm is anything less than stellar…Our Egos get in the way.  It is easier to place the burden on someone else and ignore the possibility that we might be anything less than perfect.

Fortunately for us a semen analysis is relatively simple and straightforward, although awkward.  Additionally, one of the most amazing things that I see when I work with male fertility is that making positive changes in male fertility can be straightforward with a bit of effort, and some time!

Here are my top 6 things men can do to improve their health and sperm:

1. Increase your organic foods and Grass Fed meats

Pesticides have been shown to be one of the main reasons for the declining fertility in men. They mimic estrogen in the body which can cause testosterone to decrease. Healthy testosterone levels is necessary for sperm production. Just because packaged junk food has an “Organic” stamp on it doesn’t make it ok to eat. Keep it fresh and clean!

2. Avoid soy products

Soy products are another estrogen mimicking food that should be avoided. These days soy is in everything, STAY AWAY from it in any form!

3. Eat one fertility smoothie a day

By including one fertility smoothie every day you are able to get an abundant supply of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals in an easy to eat and digest form (*For recipe: check out our Reproductive Wellness Male Fertility Smoothie

4. Enjoy nuts and seeds daily

You can use nuts and seeds in your smoothies, as a trail mix, on top of salads and make nut milks. Walnuts have been shown in research to improve male fertility and pumpkin seeds support prostate health. Eat them Up!

5. Drink plenty of water &Stop drinking beer

I love the taste of beer but its my least favorite alcohol for over health. Additionally, most of us can’t just have one! Cut it out and make the switch to wine.

6. Get into nature and manage your stress

Stress can absolutely decrease male fertility and men tend to put too much on their shoulders. Decrease your responsibilities where ever possible. Enjoy the beauty that your life affords you and get outside and enjoy nature. A recent study shows how stress affects male fertility

I believe that many, if not all, of these changes are manageable with a little effort and some persistence for at least 3-6 months.  Each of us will find a different one of these 6 items more difficult than the rest, but if you can implement one of these changes each week for the next six weeks, in no time at all you would have taken some very important steps towards fatherhood.  Hopefully by this time next year you are celebrating father’s day with a little one of your own in your hands!  Wish you all much luck on your journey to growing your family.

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