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Tips to Get Pregnant Faster from Your Fertility Specialist

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Tips to Get Pregnant Faster from Your Fertility Specialist

Many couples excitedly look forward to parenthood only to encounter difficulties conceiving. Fortunately, modern science and technology now offer assistance to couples struggling with fertility. They can seek the advice of a fertility specialist in San Diego, who can give them helpful tips to improve their chances of getting pregnant.

Here are some basic tips that these specialists usually give so you can improve your chances of getting pregnant faster the natural way:

Maintain a Healthy Weight

It can be annoying and sometimes offensive to have people tell women to watch their weight. However, when it comes to efforts at conceiving a child, this is a crucial matter that should be addressed. This is because weight does have a direct impact on a woman’s fertility.

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It’s not just overweight issues that one must look out for. Even underweight women can have just as much difficulty conceiving. Therefore, the key is to strike that balance in food intake and lifestyle to reach the ideal healthy weight.

Stop Smoking

Not only does it hurt your general health, it also hurts your chances at getting pregnant – and by a whopping 50%. Quit the bad habit now if you haven’t already.

Ensure Sperm Care

For the men, keeping the sperm healthy is just as important for getting pregnant faster. If sperm count is low, then the chances of fertilizing an egg also becomes lower. Ideally, men should ease up on their bike workouts and opt instead for the treadmill. The repetitive motion of the groin hitting against the bicycle seat has been found to have some damaging effects on the male organ’s arteries and nerves that are crucial in keeping the sperm healthy.

Avoid Stress

Sometimes, in their desire to finally have a baby, couples end up stressing so much over their seeming inability to procreate. This, unfortunately, is only going to be even more counterproductive to the conception efforts. If you and your partner constantly find yourself facing a lot of stress-inducing situations, whether it be at work, at home, or in the bedroom, you should take the time to calm down and relax so as to encourage a more viable environment for conception.

These are just some of the more basic steps you can do, though. For more advanced treatments and options, you should visit a fertility clinic in San Diego like Reproductive Wellness. The professionals there can give you a more stringent regimen for your fertility. Call us today for your free consultation, (858) 381-2281.


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