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San Diego Fertility Clinic: 3 Things To Avoid When Getting Pregnant


San Diego Fertility Clinic: 3 Things To Avoid When Getting Pregnant

While getting pregnant seems so easy for other people, there are those that may be finding it much more challenging. If you and your partner have been trying to get pregnant for a while, but to no avail, then you may have to start looking into some aspects of your life. There are things to do to boost your fertility such as getting supplements and eating the right food. However, there are also things to avoid as they might be the reasons why you’re having a hard time conceiving.

Here are three things to avoid when trying to get pregnant.

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Physical, mental, and emotional stress can be a huge reason why you’re not getting pregnant. Regardless of the kind of stress, you have to learn to relax for your body to be more conducive to pregnancy. Research says that stress affects the body’s adrenal system, making it challenging for women to conceive. It’s understandable that the act of trying to get pregnant can be stressful as well; however, you have to learn to let go of worries and take some time for yourself. This way, your mind and body can relax. You can also achieve this state of mind and body through therapies, art meditation, and counselling, among other services that you may find at a San Diego fertility clinic like Reproductive Wellness.


If you frequently drink more alcohol than average, you may have to change your lifestyle. Too much consumption of alcohol may lead to hormonal imbalance, affecting your fertility and making it harder for you to conceive. Consuming more than two drinks daily may cause abnormal estrogen and progesterone levels, lack of ovulation, and irregular period, which are factors important in pregnancy. So, the next time your friends invited you to a night out, take a rain check or simply stick to water or juice.

Absence of Foreplay

While any type of sex can get you pregnant, passionate and fun sex increases your chances of conception. Studies show that longer foreplay boosts the quantity of sperm as your partner’s arousal is increased. Moreover, foreplay produces more cervical fluids, which are important in the survival and success of sperm in staying in a vaginal environment. Given this, don’t just feel like you need to have sex for the sake of having a baby. Bring back the fun and passion in the bedroom.

These tips may help you get pregnant faster. However, if you’re still finding it hard to conceive, then maybe you need a more thorough examination. You can get assistance from a fertility center in San Diego if you want to talk to a professional about your situation.

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