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Testing Male Fertility – an interview with expert, Dr. Martin Bastuba

When is the right time to test male fertility? If you’ve been having fertility problems, then Dr Bastuba has some great advice about the man’s role in fertility…

Fertility issues are as much a male issue as they are a female issue, but unfortunately they are often not discussed enough. 

Are you a female reading this feeling like the responsibility has fallen mostly onto your shoulders? Or are you a male partner wondering how you play your role in overcoming your fertility issues?

A big part of why male fertility problems are kept so hush-hush is because of the damage it does to the male ego when we do approach it.

Just like women go through shame and negative thoughts about their fertility issues, men also don’t like to discuss or even acknowledge that their manhood isn’t working.

When is the right time to get a semen analysis?

I’ve teamed up with male fertility expert, and close friend and colleague of mine, Dr Bastuba to give you the full down low about how to make sure everything is working down-low.

Myself and the team at Reproductive Wellness work closely with Dr Bastuba at our clinics here in our San Diego fertility clinic with our male patients. 

About Dr. Martin Bastuba

Dr Martin Bastuba is a board certified urologist educated at some of the country’s leading institutions. He is well-known for his high success rates in vasectomy reversal procedures (patients travel from all around the world to San Diego to receive his vasectomy reversal surgery). 

He uses advanced microsurgical technologies to achieve his high success rates in his vasectomy reversal procedures and also has a track record in re-do vasectomy procedures. In addition, Dr Bastuba is the medical director at the fertility centre of California; a cryobank offering fertility services including, sperm banking, donor sperm, artificial insemination, sex selection, fertility preservation and andrology laboratory services

Check out my interview with Dr Bastuba all about male fertility. >>

Main talking points:

0:00 – Marc’s introduction

0:37 – Who is Dr Bastuba and what does he do for male fertility?

1:50 – When should a couple look for a male fertility work-up?

2:57 – Is age a factor in male fertility?

4:10 – Can a semen analysis be ordered by physicians, GP’s or an OBGYN?

5:07 – Dr Bastuba’s thoughts on DNA fragmentation testing

5:23 – Does the lab affect the quality of a semen analysis?

7:57 – Can you treat patients who have had a vasectomy (and it’s a cause for some of their fertility issues)?

9:10 – What is the success rate for a vasectomy reversal? 

Male Fertility and testing support

If you or your partner is looking for support or guidance when it comes to testing male fertility and then treating any issues that arise, then don’t hesitate to reach out to our team for support.  CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE YOUR COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION with our team of natural fertility experts 

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