Study Links Stress to Premature Aging

“How does this affect Infertility, and what you can do to improve your chances of conception?”

A recent study by Elissa Epel, a psychiatrist at the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF). Ms Epel helped conduct the research on stress and its affect on aging. “This is the first time that psychological stress has been linked to a cellular indicator of aging in healthy people”

In UCSF research they examined the structures inside cells which are called telomeres. At the end of these telomeres are chromosomes, the molecules that carry human genes. With the natural aging process telomeres eventually get shorter and shorter so much so that the cells can no longer further divide, at which time they eventually die.

As this continues, the inevitable process of aging begins to show itself with skin wrinkles, weaker muscles, decreased hearing, eyesight and cognitive abilities, and most importantly related to infertility, organ failure and functioning.

So, what can you do if you want to increase your chances of a healthy pregnancy and decrease the affects on telomers?

Listed below are additional recommendations that can be added to the list of natural treatments we have been providing over the last few weeks.

1. Developing a nutritional plan to improve your fertility chances may take a little time, however this is one of the more important changes you can directly make

As food and air are the primary means of sustaining life, it is essential that in wanting to create new life that a specific and appropriate nutritional plan be created that include the many essential ingredients that help lay the foundation for optimum maternal and embryonic health. Consulting with a trained professional with experience in the treatment of fertility can further improve your success.

2. Join a facilitated group that explores cognitive behavioral techniques, enhanced communication skills and emotional expression

Over 20 years of studies and practice by the Harvard Medical School Mind Body Institute have shown that by participating in facilitated Mind Body therapy can result in significant and measurably improved take home baby rates in excess of 50%.

3. Take the time to reconnect with your spiritual practice

What ever your personal beliefs, set aside time to reconnect with the practice that provides you with a deeper sense of control and belonging. One of the biggest complaints expressed by women suffering with infertility is that they feel “out of control.” Reconnecting with yourself and your spiritual practice can help you regain control of your fertility journey. Having the tools and knowledge to control and understand your journey can help reduce the stress and anxiety experienced

4. Developing a daily relaxation discipline can greatly improve emotional well being

The benefits of being able to access a consistent and calm personal emotional space, has been demonstrated by the Harvard Medical School Mind Body Institute to measurably improve take home baby rates.


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