Stress, fatigue and acupuncture

Stress is a natural response of the body to demands we place upon it. There is important to keep in mind that not all stress is bad. Healthy stress includes appropriate physical exercise, good eating habits, positive thinking, adequate rest and a natural response to emergency situations. Unhealthy stress would be negative emotions and thinking, overexertion, poor eating habits, lack of sleep. Experiencing all those over a prolonged period of time will lead us to fatigue. One of the most popular diseases of modern society.

Signs or symptoms of an overactive response to stress:


– Anxiety

– Asthma

– Depression

– Headaches

– Heart Disease

– High blood pressure

– Fatigue


Our body’s natural response to stressful situation is to activate all available resources for survival, and to get us out of a scary situation fast. However, with the increase in physical, emotional and mental stressors, our stress response gets “locked in”, resulting in the depletion of the body’s resources. The body continues keeping the stress response active. As a result our nervous system, adrenal glands, and other organs can experience a variety of symptoms associated with stress. Medical studies have shown that with increased and consistent stress, our white blood cells, which defend our body against viruses, decrease. This decrease results in lower immune resistance, ultimately leading to physical disease and emotional instability.


There are several things you can do to help combat stress:

1. Practice yoga/ meditation. When you practice yoga,you can create and awareness of your body and mind connections, freeing your mind of stressful thoughts.

2. Start a hobby. Hobbies require a mindful presence and can break a heactic, stressful peace.

3. Do one thing at a time. Many of us believe that multitasking allows us to get more done, faster. If you focus on one task at a time, you can get more done with fewer mistakes.

4. Try acupuncture. It is a safe, effective and drug-free alternative for stress. Acupuncture practitioners have been helping people with stress for thousands of years, Along with treating physical and emotional symptoms and signs associated with stress, this ancient medicine addresses the root cause of the problem.

If you would like to talk with our team of practitioners at Acupuncture San Diego, we are offering complimentary first consultations at our San Diego clinics. Our practitioners, may also suggest adjunct therapies to enhance treatment and speed healing. Stress can be treated improving eating habits, as well as the use of exercise, support and promote a balanced and healthy body, mind and spirit.


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