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Preparing for conception

Preparing for Conception

Preparing mind and body for conception and pregnancy is critical to a successful course of treatment. The following steps are highly recommended to significantly enhance fertility:

Optimum Fertility Signs and Times

It may sound straight forward, but knowing exactly when you’re ovulating and recognizing the physical signs indicating when you’re at the peak time to conceive, are sometimes easily confused or missed. For example, as long as your periods are regular, you can calculate that about 14 days before your period starts is the time you are ovulating. Secondly, and usually around the same time, your cervical mucus becomes very thin, clearer and more stretchy; it is almost an egg white consistency. (Note: antihistamines dry up mucus everywhere, not only in the head and chest.) Just paying attention to these two bodily developments will incrementally improve your chances of conceiving.

Participate in a strong social support system

The ability to share and express the many emotional peaks and valleys that every person experiences during their fertility treatments can provide valuable peace of mind and a greater sense of control. Stress and depression disrupt the natural harmony of the body and reduce your chances for a successful pregnancy. A supportive group of like-minded people will help reduce stress, which is important to creating a healthy environment for conception.

Working with Assisted Reproductive Technology

Develop a relationship with a reproductive health provider that you trust and feel comfortable with. This will reduce your stress level and improve your chances for a successful pregnancy. The benefits of having a comprehensive female and male reproductive evaluation, including any lab work, imaging and diagnostics will greatly enhance your chances by giving your Reproductive healthcare team the most complete and necessary information to deliver the best possible treatments.

Explore complementary therapies with licensed practitioners

There are several complementary therapies, which have proven to be effective for fertility enhancement, such as Acupuncture, Botanical Medicines, Yoga, Qi-Gong and Deep Tissue Uterine Massage therapies to name a few. Many research studies have shown the fertility enhancing value of complementary therapies. One clinical Acupuncture study recently demonstrated the ability to optimize endometrial receptivity, resulting in almost double the pregnancy rate than that of IVF or ICSI alone. Complementary therapies such as those provided by Reproductive Wellness® can significantly enhance your chance of conception.

Develop a daily relaxation discipline

The benefits of being able to access a consistent and calm personal emotional space, has be demonstrated by the Harvard Medical School Mind Body Fertility Institute to measurably improve take home baby rates.

Develop a ‘best odds’ fertility diet

As food and air are the primary means of sustaining life, developing a specific and appropriate nutritional plan is essential for optimum fertility health.

Join a facilitated group that explores cognitive behavioral techniques, enhanced communication skills and emotional expression

More than 20 years of studies and practice by the Harvard Medical School Mind Body Fertility Institute have shown that by participating in facilitated Mind-Body therapy can result in significant and measurably improved take home baby rates in excess of 50%.

Take the time to reconnect with your spiritual practice

What ever your personal beliefs, set aside time to reconnect with the practice that provides you with a deeper sense of control and belonging.

Find a balanced exercise program

It is very important to practice a correct and balanced personal exercise regime, in most cases this means consistent light to moderate exercise, but in some it may mean less exercise.

Pregnancy support

Preparing for the time when you become pregnant and having the right physical and emotional treatment and support structure will further promote your full-term healthy pregnancy.

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