NUTRITION TIPS #Best Fat Options for Cooking

All our patients ask us for easy Nutrition guidance. And of course at Acupuncture San Diego, nutrition is a considered a key element for a healthy lifestyle. It is important to choose fats and oils wisely. Before cooking, please consider:

  • How they are made
  • The amount of fatty acid composition
  • And the smoke point

At the “Guide to Cooking with Fats”, our practitioners, nutritionist and acupuncturists, have listed different categories. For example, Marc Sklar, the owner of Acupuncture San Diego recommends: “if you are going to cook a high temperature dish, I would recommend Palm oil for non added flavor, or Coconut to experiment with different flavors.” “Olive oil is perfect for dressing or to add some flavor, but not for high temperature cooking”


There is much more behind healthy nutrition. We will be sharing all our secrets here,  on Facebook. Acupuncture San Diego team has a youtube channel with videos about #Nutrition, #general health, #alkaline diet, #loosing weight, and many other health related topics. Follow us! Feel free to email us your questions! Our acupuncturist and nutritionist will answer with tons of information.

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