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New ways to track and pay for fertility treatments

It is considered that a couple is facing fertility problems if they have been trying to conceive for 6-12 months without a successful pregnancy. We recommend seeking for natural assistance after 6 months as changing easy things as nutrition habits or including natural supplements can make a huge difference increasing your fertility odds.

Tracking methods are a wonderful tool that would allow you to know your body by being aware of some “fertility signs”. Knowing your changes of temperature, keeping track of your cycles, controlling your mood, cervical mucus or other signals of your body will help you knowing if your cycles are complete, with a proper ovulation/menstruation timing.

There are useful new methods to help you controlling your fertile days. GLOW is a new App for your phone (only available for iPhone) that could help you if you are trying to get pregnant.  It is not only a conventional app to track your cycle and fertile days, it offers your some added benefits. By participating in Glow First, couples who have been trying to get pregnant for 10 months will have the financial help they need to seek answers. This is how it works:

After downloading the app, you have the option to donate $50 a month to the Glow First fund, and if you don’t conceive inside that time frame, you can get your money back to help pay for fertility treatments.

• When you get pregnant, your contributions stop. The money you have contributed to that point, will be used to help other couples get pregnant
• You must remain an active user of our daily log for all 10 months, or until you get pregnant
• After 11 months, Glow First will pay an accredited infertility clinic of your choice when you submit proof of your medical costs
• The community fund is yours. We will never take a cut of your money. Every penny coming in will eventually be distributed out again to couples seeking help for infertility
• Therefore, there are no refunds for contributions



This can be a fantastic way to be part of a community trying to conceive. From Reproductive Wellness we have contacted Glow to ask them if natural treatments to increase fertility would be covered as well. We hope so!  We will keep you posted with any response we get from them.

In San Diego, Reproductive Wellness is the foremost fertility clinic, focused on enhancing fertility in a natural way. Acupuncture, botanical herbs, nutrition,…are key elements that will help you conceiving and having a full term healthy pregnancy.

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