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Natural Fertility Specialists

At Reproductive Wellness we blend natural medicines, treatments, and acupuncture to help those using an IVF or IUI clinic or specialist have an increased chance for success. Those in San Diego, Poway, or Carlsbad in search of natural fertility specialists who can help you take control of your body and overcome issues that have prevented you from conceiving including endometriosis, irregular periods, POR (Poor Ovarian Reserve), advanced maternal age, and other obstacles can rely on our wellness center for a natural approach proven effective in many of our clients.

Many women and couples make the decision to turn to neuropathy treatment clinics when other more traditional treatments have failed. Through acupuncture, a focus on nutrition, and improved physical and emotional well-being combined with oriental, western, and functional medicine our natural fertility specialists work to personalize treatment to each client’s personal needs. Other issues many couples face include low sperm count in men, low AMH, high FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) affecting women beginning menopause, and prior miscarriage or pregnancy loss. Perhaps you have unexplained infertility, and believe you have explored every possible issue that could prevent you from conceiving. Our reproduction center caters to those whose efforts to become pregnant through traditional methods or treatment have proven futile.

Holistic treatment is the route many women choose to take today as a more natural approach focuses on balance of every system in the body and total well-being, helping restore fertility. Through proper nutrition, acupuncture, enhancing emotional health, and natural medicine you can significantly increase fertility whether your desire is to conceive naturally, or through the help of an IVF or IUI specialist. To learn more about natural fertility doctors and our approach to naturally improving reproductive health, we invite those in San Diego and surrounding areas to contact Reproductive Wellness Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine now at 858-381-2281.