Acupuncture on the day of the IVF Transfer

 There was a recent publication stating that the research shows that acupuncture does not help on the day of embryo transfer (IVF).  We wanted to let you know some points regarding it, based on research and experience. It is always good to have a complete overview of the facts:


  1. This study just shows that acupuncture on day of embryo transfer was not statistically significant.  It did not study the differences between a patient receiving acupuncture during the whole IVF transfer process and one that does not receive treatments at all. We know that acupuncture on day of transfer is basically assisting with uterine receptivity and that if the patient had an issue with egg quality, male factor, endometriosis, pcos, fibroids for example, that one treatment on the day of embryo transfer would not address these issues.  Patients with those type of conditions need ongoing treatments to start seeing results. After seeing results, then they are suitable individuals for an IVF transfer. This study does not account for those individuals
  2.  We also know that preparing for IVF is not made possible with one treatment.  Like a marathon or a big exam you would not show up the day before and train for one day.  You would if you just found out about the test or marathon…but normally you would prepare in advanced for that day.  Acupuncture is much the same.  One treatment on that day, may or may not help depending on the underlying issues, but typically you would come in for a series of treatments to prepare for the big day.
  3. No 2 patients are the same, so a standard cookie cutter protocol will not be effective for all patients and we should not expect it to be.

Going through an IVF is not an easy choice.  It is usually one of the last choices a couple suffering with fertility problems would have chosen to go though. It is normal to be concerned and to look for alternatives and answers before and during the process.  At Reproductive Wellness San Diego we specialize in reproductive health and we have a whole team of practitioners who specialize in reproductive health.

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