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Low-Level Light Therapy to Help Fertility and Egg Quality for Ovarian Rejuvenation

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The aging process in women often affects their egg quality, further lowering their fertility and ability to conceive. If you are above 35 and having difficulty getting pregnant because of poor egg quality, you might want to consider Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT).

Also known as Photobiomodulation for fertility, this therapy has proven effective for ovarian rejuvenation. Read on to find out how the therapy helps with fertility challenges and improves egg quality.

Low-Level Light Therapy- How it Works?

Improves the Production of ATP and Mitochondria

The Low Level Light Therapy increases the production of mitochondria and ATP (adenosine triphosphate). Adenosine Triphosphates are energy-carrying molecules that capture chemical energy produced from the breakdown of food molecules. This energy is further released to fuel the cellular processes of the body. An average cell has approximately 2000 mitochondria, while the human egg cell (oocyte) has nearly 600,000 mitochondria.

As more cellular energy is produced in the mitochondria, it further improves the cell’s ability to grow, increase, and migrate, precisely what a fertilized egg requires.

Increases the Flow of Blood

The LLLT application also addresses other body functions that can impact the health of eggs. For example, blood flow. Oxygen-rich blood must circulate and flow to your ovaries for improved egg quality. Low-Level Light Therapy significantly improves the flow of blood to the reproductive system. Hence, more oxygen and nutrients reach the ovaries, resulting in good egg quality.

Other ways in which LLT improves the body’s functionality for improved egg quality and fertility are reduction of oxidative damage and inflammation. It also helps:

  • Reduce pain
  • Relax muscle tension
  • Promote tissue repair
  • Soften scar tissue
  • Lower stress

It is essential to understand that stress can increase both cortisol and prolactin levels in the blood. These can negatively impact the quality of eggs. However, you can easily manage and lower stress levels with LLLT and other activities such as meditation, exercise, and yoga.

As LLLT addresses all these issues, it helps create a healthy reproductive environment, thereby increasing your chances of getting pregnant. The Low-Level Light Therapy application can help you reach a peak fertility level.

Who Can Receive LLLT?

This therapy is ideal for women aged between 35 and 50. It works best in mature women because cellular energy in reproductive cells decreases with age.

For more information or to determine whether Low-Level Light Therapy is the best choice in your situation, schedule a free consultation with Dr. Marc Sklar. Marc is a fertility expert with over 19 years of industry experience. Let Marc help you overcome your fertility challenges and take control of your reproductive health. The Reproductive Wellness clinic offers LLLT as part of their solutions to support patients on their fertility journeys.