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Natural IUI Treatment Support

At Reproductive Wellness our focus is on helping those in San Diego, Poway, Carlsbad and throughout SD County improve fertility, overall health, and emotional wellbeing for those who face issues that make having a baby difficult. Holistic fertility is our primary focus, using acupuncture and integrative medicine along with nutritional counseling and more to increase the effectiveness of our clients’ efforts with IUI specialists and doctors. With a wide array of problems that can impact the fertility of a female or male, it is easy to become stressed or even depressed, concerned that you will never conceive. We believe we can greatly increase your success through our holistic, natural fertility methods.

Many couples today are looking to holistic pregnancy methods due to issues with unexplained infertility, irregular periods, poor ovarian reserve, advanced maternal age (AMA), and other issues that often prevent or interfere with becoming pregnant. Whether due to high FSH, low AMH, or even male fertility issues such as low sperm count, we approach problems in a more natural, holistic way through a combination of oriental, functional, and western medicine therapies and techniques that treat the body as a whole and work to restore health.

We understand that those working with IUI doctors or clinics don’t always achieve the success you desire in the time frame you had hoped for. Our wellness center places emphasis on holistic fertility, helping significantly increase the chances of success with IUI specialists so you can finally realize your dream of becoming pregnant. From acupuncture to nutrition and physical and emotional well being, our experts know the profound impact these things have on the body and holistic pregnancy. We invite San Diego residents to contact our reproduction center today at 858-381-2281.