Our San Diego Wellness Center Talks About Fertility in New Podcast

Our San Diego Wellness Center Talks About Fertility in New Podcast


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I love talking about Fertility and how functional medicine and other solutions can help you with getting pregnant faster.

Some health and wellness bloggers and podcasters started to reach out to me.

They were interested in my approach to fertility and reproductive health.

Not a lot of practitioners have the knowhow to combine Western and Chinese Medicine.

Modern fertility treatment is too often oversimplified with the rush to the next new herb or superfood, or a rush into technologic options that could have been avoided. In some cases these options work, which is why we provide support for a variety of them such as La Jolla IVF support.

If you are ready for an in-depth approach to your fertility diagnosis and care, we recommend you listen to this one with Women’s Wellness Radio Blogtalkradio. We talked about…

–           When to start working with a fertility specialist

–           What does acupuncture treat well

–           What labs are beneficial to run


Hope you like it!

PS. If you are ready to take control of your fertility and want me to review your case, visit our San Diego wellness center and let’s talk!

Live Always and Love Well