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FSH and AMH – Determining Ovarian Reserve PART II


Our patients who are trying to conceive question us - almost on a daily basis - about our ability to influence their FSH and AMH levels.  Many of our patients have been told that these numbers can’t be changed and, if your FHS is high

FSH and AMH – Determining Ovarian Reserve PART II2018-08-23T08:52:40-07:00

Erectile Dysfunction


When we look into men's health, erectile dysfunction is one of the main topics to discuss. There are two main causes for erectile dysfunction: Psychogenic and Organic. There is a simply way to differentiate between the two causes: if the man wakes up with an erection,

Erectile Dysfunction2016-12-05T13:08:44-08:00

Low Testosterone or Andropause


Male Menopause aka Andropause Male menopause refers to changes in males somatic and endocrine systems. These changes can cause sexual dysfunction, loss of muscle mass, decreased bone density, fat mass increase, cognitive impairment and loss of body hair. Hormone changes are a natural part of aging. Sex hormone

Low Testosterone or Andropause2016-12-05T13:08:44-08:00

Prostate Health


Men benefit physically, emotionally and spiritually from the application of natural techniques, such as Maya Abdominal Therapy. Circulation to and from the pelvis is improved, supporting healthy abdominal and reproductive organs, enhancing normal sexual function, improving sperm count as well as aiding in digestion. The

Prostate Health2015-03-18T09:29:42-07:00

Testicular Cancer and Acupuncture for side effects


  According to the Mayo clinic, testicular cancer is the most common cancer among American males ages 15-34, although it is rare in comparison to other types of cancer. Testicular cancer can be present in one or both testicles. The testicles are responsible for producing both the male

Testicular Cancer and Acupuncture for side effects2016-12-05T13:08:44-08:00



5 simple daily tips to help you reduce stress, increase energy, mental alertness, focus and well-being, and create more work/life balance. As a modern man, do you find yourself overwhelmed by more work than you feel you can get done in a day? Are you feeling


Daily Back Exercises – Special for Men


  Back exercises in 15 minutes a day Hey men, we know you like to work hard and play hard so in honor of Movember we want to share some tips with you on ways to reduce the occurrence of low back pain so you

Daily Back Exercises – Special for Men2016-12-05T13:08:44-08:00

Power Breakfast Recipe for Men


This post is in honor of Movember- a month dedicated to Men’s Health! Most men eat a breakfast comprised of carbohydrates and coffee. This is something that has to change! If you are  a man reading this article and you want energy throughout the day, you need to

Power Breakfast Recipe for Men2014-04-30T11:17:12-07:00

Nut Butters- How to Select the Healthiest Nut Butters


Guidelines to a healthy peanut butter Ingredients should ONLY list: “Peanuts” * Oil should be floating on top of the butter. The should be separated** *If you are not brave enough to go unsalted for your first jar of healthy peanut butter, then gradually change

Nut Butters- How to Select the Healthiest Nut Butters2016-12-05T13:08:44-08:00

Improve Sperm Count and Motility


Couples struggling with fertility sometimes assume that it's somehow the woman the one facing some fertility issues. But more than 40% of the times its the man bringing challenges to the fertility journey.... and most of the times those challenges can be easily fixed

Improve Sperm Count and Motility2019-01-03T07:42:26-08:00
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