Has it been harder to get pregnant than you expected?
Are your treatments not getting you anywhere?
Are you ready to take control of your fertility?

Welcome to our San Diego Wellness Center. You are here with me right now because you have made the decision to take control of your reproductive health in a natural way, to feel better physically and emotionally. You could be going through a difficult time conceiving, be facing advanced material age, looking for IVF support, suffering a stubborn reproductive health issue or wanting to improve your pregnancy and postpartum experience.

Our San Diego acupuncture and functional medicine practice has helped many people just like you. We understand how precious life is and how little time we have to enjoy it. There is nothing more important than taking control of your health and fertility.

Our mission at Reproductive Wellness San Diego is to support you in this process. Since 2003, our wellness center has helped thousands of people with issues surrounding Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Fertility, Emotional Health, IVF, and more. Our 2 San Diego functional medicine clinics are a top choice for both men and women looking to take control of their fertility and overall health, naturally.

Our mission at Reproductive Wellness San Diego is to support
your journey to motherhood and optimal health.

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